Holistic Health and Healing

BodyYour body heals itself when every cell is given the attention it needs.

Our program helps you to identify the manifestations of stress in body, mind and spirit.

Once identified, we explore the possible sources of stress.

Finally, we find natural remedies for each source of stress to restore health and well-being to every cell of your body.

Believe in Your Body It all starts with an assessment  phone call.  The program assesses your aches and pains from head to toe and from the inside out.  These are signals of communication from your cells to you.

This assessment will help to identify the highest priority as a starting point.

Tere Foster, Life CoachGet started with our life coaching program. Our motivating workbooks are included in the price of the program.

Teré Marshall Foster, Life Coach, teaches you to elevate your energy in all three dimensions: body, mind and spirit.

Invest in YOU!  Give yourself 30 days of gentle support or motivating inspiration.



You have an advocate on your side that cares about you and your life challenges.

An effective, high-energy problem-solver who maintains a consistent balance between intuitive guidance and self-directed exploration.

What challenges do you face today?  We all need gentle support at times.

Divorce, unemployment, relationship issues, financial concerns, illness, weight gain?

What about exciting and positive progress towards your goals? Need some motivating inspiration?

Starting a business, changing directions, starting over, reaching for a challenging goal?

Each life stage brings many challenges. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen as you work out the details of your own life.

This program can help you:

identify and remove the drains on your personal energy.
identify and release where you have stored “issues in your tissues” that cause symptoms of discomfort and illness.
identify and reach towards your highest priorities.
identify and walk in the reality of your life purpose.

And help you do the same for others if you so desire.

The benefits of this Life Coaching program is to have access to

someone who:

- listens with compassion,

- offers feedback with intuition,

- helps you establish a plan with intelligence

- provides accountability with balance

- and a variety of inspiring motivational exercises and materials built into the price of the program.



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